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Footpaths for all


Alvechurch parish has, at its heart, the medieval village of Alvechurch with its pretty half-timbered houses nestling in the valley surrounded by idyllic ridges and stretches of countryside. Considered the “gateway to the countryside” it’s criss-crossed by 28 miles or so of public Rights of Way which are maintained and cared for by the A.V.S footpath maintenance group whose volunteers meet for a few hours at weekends to keep these pathways open.


  • Why not join one of our social work groups by getting in touch via the contact page.

  • Take part in community work in the fresh air that helps preserve our environment


Join a Walk:

We run monthly led walks – from short around the village strolls to longer walks in the countryside. Why not join us?


Walking is ideal if you want to get active, enjoy the outdoors and meet new people.

Report footpath problems to the Footpath Warden, Adrian Smith by email:



bridle way 608 with 609 stile.jpg
This dog llooks happy with his new dog g

Maps and Routes

If you want to explore independently we’ve got 6 lovely local mapped walking routes that you can use to plan a walk.

You’re welcome to come on any of our walks for free. Once you’ve experienced the views, fun and exhilaration it’s just a case of becoming a member of our friendly AVS community.

Our leader led walks take place across the parish and the surrounding areas throughout the year. If you fancy trying some out yourself the leaflets can be purchased for a small fee - details on our home page.


Got a few burning questions about our walks and maintenance groups?  We are only too pleased to help:

Go all out: Join the A.V.S great outdoors debate

We all love the outdoors, but are there things that could make it even more enjoyable?


Adrian Smith -

Clearing Jacks house -wiggin field.jpg

Our team of Volunteers have been busy.


Adrian Smith writes:

We had a proper construction job again, building a small stile and fence to stop horses getting down the narrow path alongside the River Arrow leading down to Rectory Lane Alvechurch. Travellers 'invaded' the land a few years ago and demolished the previous stile and fence for their fires.

Pictures also show work to replace finger post pointer and clearing of horse debris by Ken and Brian and our two ladies who tidied up both footpaths…..

Another great outing by AVS Footpath group, which hopefully will now keep the horses out and help to restore the land along the paths….well done everyone.'

566B where horses get stuck.jpg
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